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Photo op #5 Freepik.png

Wow, you are a champion puzzle solver! 

In addition to the next photo op, you've also earned a tasty prize!

Grab it here!

by Jess Bailey on Unsplash.jpg

Your last photo op is below.

But first: here is your final set of symbols to crack the code:

Spot the Symbol

While at the location of Puzzle #5 (the hexagons), use your sharp eyes to spot one of the following symbols, which will appear in the Puzzle #6 code: 

press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom

When you have found the symbol, make either a mental note of it or an actual note on your phone. You will see these symbols again in the code for Puzzle 6.


Photo Op

Your special photo op is below.

You earn extra raffle entries if you take a selfie there, post it on Instagram and tag it #NKYFindersKeepers.

Please click here for instructions if you don't have Instagram or your account is private.


This photo op is conveniently located where you will be redeeming your tasty prize: at Little Spoon Bakery! It's the octagonal kiosk just steps away from the aquarium and the Box Park. The photo op is the window around the corner to the right of Little Spoon's ordering window.  

In addition to your prize, try some of their yummy baked goods or a hot beverage!



If you'd like to support NKY Public Arts Network initiatives like this one, please consider a donation. It's tax deductible and VERY appreciated! 

Instagram Instructions

You earn extra raffle entries when you post your photo op selfies to Instagram and tag #NKYFindersKeepers. If you don't have Instagram or your account is private, you can email screenshots of the photos or the photos themselves to Jill at Thanks!