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You earn additional raffle entries by taking selfies as directed below and posting them to Instagram using the hash tag #NKYFindersKeepers. If you have a private IG account or do not have an IG account, please click here for alternate instructions.

Take a selfie by the painted "Bakery" sign in the window.

photo op 2.png

Backtrack a little bit to Cookie Jar Bakery, 919 Monmouth St. You'll want to remember this location because after you complete Puzzle #7, you will earn yourself 2 free cookies from Cookie Jar!



If you'd like to support NKY Public Arts Network initiatives like this one, please consider a donation. It's tax deductible and VERY appreciated! 

Instagram Instructions

You earn extra raffle entries when you post your photo op selfies to Instagram and tag #NKYFindersKeepers. If you don't have Instagram or your account is private, you can email screenshots of the photos or the photos themselves to Jill at jmorenz@thecatalyticfund.org. Thanks!