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If you are uncomfortable going into the Box Park tent area, you can still answer these questions! For each one, we have included enough information for you to determine the answers. Thanks for playing!

Question 1:

Which Box Park vendor offers a drink made with honeydew and passionfruit?

The options are:

  • Little Spoon Bakery (they only serve coffee and tea)

  • Wooden Cask Brewing (they only serve beer and wine)

  • Bon Mi Street (they serve fruity drinks and bubble tea)

  • Che on Wheels (they do not serve beverages)

Question 2:

Which Box Park vendor is the place to go for a philodendron?

If you know that a philodendron is a plant, you can guess the answer from the options below.

  • Little Spoon Bakery

  • Leaf and Limb

  • Kon Tiki Fire Lounge

  • Wooden Cask Brewing Company

Question 3:

Which Box Park vendor's logo includes an image of fire?

Here are the logos (swipe to see all 4):

Kon tiki logo
Kon tiki logo

Second Sight Spirits logo
Second Sight Spirits logo

Leaf and Limb logo
Leaf and Limb logo

Kon tiki logo
Kon tiki logo


Question 4:

The Che on Wheels food truck offers food from which country?

Their logo (shown below) answers this question.

Che logo.png

Question 5:

Which Box Park vendor serves a drink named after a time zone?

The answer is: Wooden Cask Brewing Company with their "Pacific Zone" beer.