Upside/New Port Gallery

Location: 329 Ludlow Ave.

Cincinnati (Clifton), OH 45220


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What is Upside/New Port Art Gallery?

My name is Brent Keltch, owner of New Port Art Gallery and curator of Upside Gallery. I’ve had a working studio for over thirty years, first in the Pendleton Art Studios and currently in the Essex Studios. I teach Metal & Wood Sculpture through the Art Academy of Cincinnati in my studio at the Essex. As an artist, my work includes metal sculpture, wood sculpture, stone carving, concrete castings, large installation paintings, pottery/ clay work and custom furniture. I work with over seventy artists in the tri-state area and beyond, helping to promote their art and businesses.

How do Upside & New Port Art Gallery work with artists?

I teach Metal Sculpture

I teach Wood Sculpture

I teach Wood Turning

I teach social media Class

I represent over 70 artists

I own an art gallery

Owner of Studio 181/163 workshop Essex Studios

Manage mutable social media art pages

Host classes at my gallery and indoor-outdoor events

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Interests: Small business, modern art, interior design, visual arts, contemporary art, viral video, graphic design, digital illustration, digital photography, small and medium enterprises, painting, Architectural Digest, Shop Local, art exhibition, creativity, home improvement, abstract art, shopping, digital art, social network, online shopping, illustration, interior architecture, entrepreneurship, business, video, drawing, photography or photographer


Former president of Essex Artist Guild