Mike Enzweiler

Artist Statement:

For decades, I have been concerned about the excessive amount of waste that we humans generate, items that not only can be re-cycled but could also be re-purposed or up-scaled.

This notion tremendously influences my artwork. Seldom do I purchase new materials for my art pieces. Only if absolutely needed will I purchase fasteners (nails, screws), instead most often employing used nails/screws and even buying mis-mixed paint from local paint retailers. The storehouse for these materials is a friend's barn that is stockpiled with found wood, metal, etc. that guide my designs.

As witnessed by much of my artwork, the barn itself has influenced the bulk of what I create. My initial barn piece dates back to 2008. There seems to be no end in sight to my fascination with the simple barn shape.

I also produce pieces beyond the barn shape including barn quilts and other assemblages.

Pronouns: He, his

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Bio: Mike Enzweiler

Camp Springs, KY 41001

BFA (Painting) Northern Kentucky University

Specialized Courses-Art Academy of Cincinnati


High School Art Instructor

Curatorial Assistant-Print, Drawing & Photograph Dept., Cincinnati Art Museum

Director-Enzweiler Building Institute

Gallery Director (Current)-Bishop Brossart High School Art Gallery

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Assemblages, barn quilts, barns, folk art, found materials, re-cycled, signage, up-scaled


Augusta Art Guild Gallery, Augusta, KY

Baker-Bird Winery, Augusta, KY

Behringer-Crawford Museum, Covington, KY

C.A.G.E. (Cincinnati Artists Group Effort), Cincinnati, OH

Camp Springs Winery, Camp Springs, KY

Carnegie Visual & Performing Arts Center, Covington, KY

Cox Gallery, Maysville, KY

Dairy Barn Art Center, Athens, OH

Madison Art Club, Madison, IN

New Riff Distillery, Newport, KY

Southeastern Indiana Art Guild, Aurora, IN

Southern Ohio Art Museum, Portsmouth, OH

Stonebrook Winery, Camp Springs, KY

Washington Hall Art Gallery, Old Washington, KY

Award of Excellence (Cash Award), Madison Art Club, Madison, IN