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What is GeoRarities?

GeoRarities are artist brothers Stuart Goller and Michael Goller. The two work primarily in stone sculpture and painting. Recently they are also creating videos for use on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. When creating stone sculptures, they select the boulders or rough material and imagine what each piece looks like inside and out. They then use the direct method of stone carving, where a fully dimensional form or figure is created for the first time in the stone itself, as the artist removes material, sketches on the block of stone, and develops the work along the way. Mother Nature informs us with each rough stone’s natural color, texture, shape, weight and imperfections playing a part in the final dimensional form or figure.

We sometimes incorporate natural items with man-made and found items to create provocative combinations that challenge the gap between “natural” and “man-made”.

We sculpt and create work using a number of natural materials including: very rare Siberian Russian jade, Wyoming jade, Mexican chrysocolla with veins of the mineral turquoise, Arizona rainbow petrified wood, Arizona chromium green petrified wood, jasper, turquoise nuggets, and rainbow calcite. We prefer rare materials that display colors, textures, translucence, veining and imperfections not normally seen in stones selected for modern stone sculptures.

Our work is suitable for interiors as displayable works, or outside as part of landscape architectural design. We also create large, monumental sculptures.

As artists, we are inspired by the work of Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Robert Rauschenberg and Jim Dine as well as the unknown ancient carvers and sculptors of jade. We also create multimedia, paintings, drawings software generated generative art and NFT (non-fungible token) art.

How does GeoRarities work with artists?

We occasionally collaborate with other artists on particular pieces, and more rarely we allow an artist to display one or several pieces if we feel their art complements our work. We also help artists and others with digital projects including video creation, NFTs, generative art and software dev.

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Stone Sculptures and Paintings purchased by fine art collectors in Cincinnati, Austin,Tx, Los Angeles, CA and Dayton Exhibited at New Port Gallery group show Exhibiting currently at Georarities Gallery in Essex Studios Building (Cincinnati) Exhibited at Essex Studios Artwalk Exhibited at Geofair (Cincinnati) multiple years Exhibited at Columbus Gem and Mineral Show (Multiple Years) Exhibited at Southgate House group show