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Frequently asked questions

How do I play?

The Thanksgiving Weekend hunt will begin at 8:00 am on Thanksgiving (11/25/21) and end at 9:00 pm on Sunday 11/28/21. The hunt is not timed, so you don't have that extra pressure. 

The Code Kit you'll receive when you purchase your hunt includes a printed booklet, with clue locations and puzzles. There will also be additional materials that you will need to solve the puzzles. We'll include a pen and some scratch paper and a few other goodies. Each Code Kit is intended for up to 4 players.

The hunts lead you to clue locations in four Covington neighborhoods. You will solve puzzles to win raffle entries. You earn additional raffle entries by taking selfies at the Photo Op locations and posting them on Instagram, using the hash tag #NKYFindersKeepers. (There are alternate instructions if you do not have a public profile on Instagram.) All the puzzle and photo op locations can be accessed without going indoors.

You earn one raffle entry for solving all the puzzles in a neighborhood and an additional entry each time you post a photo taken at the puzzle's Photo Op locations. There are also optional bonus puzzles that you can solve for more raffle entries. Detailed instructions are included in the hunt.

Although the puzzles aren't extremely difficult, they do require some thought. (The bonus puzzles are a bit harder.) We think you will be challenged in a fun way!

Who can play?

The puzzles are designed for couples, groups of friends or families with children of at least reading age, although younger kids can help spot some of the clues. The Thanksgiving Weekend hunt will take you in or near some parks, if anyone needs a break to run and play.

How much does it cost?

Thanksgiving Weekend hunt is $40 for up to 4 players. We also welcome donations, which are tax deductible and go to support the following initiatives: NKY ArtQuest, a regional calendar of arts-related events and NKY Art Tours, free, self-guided tours of history and public art in NKY. 

Where are the scavenger hunts held?

All the clue locations in the Thanksgiving Weekend hunt are in specific neighborhoods in Covington. We design each hunt to be walkable, at least within the neighborhoods. Free and paid parking options are available in all locations.

When can I play?

The Thanksgiving Weekend hunt starts at 8:00 am on Thanksgiving (11/25) and ends at 9:00 pm on Sunday 11/28. In between those times, you can visit the clue locations and work on the puzzles whenever you wish. All the locations can be accessed without going indoors. There are no prizes for finishing early, so no rushing is necessary!

What do I need to bring?

You will need a smart phone with a camera and texting capability--and your brains! Your Thanksgiving hunt Code Kit includes puzzle book, pens, scratch paper and everything else you need. 

What do donations support?

Donations made by generous players support the Catalytic Fund’s public art initiatives, including NKY Art Tours and NKY ArtQuest. These initiatives are free for everyone and help to promote the arts in Northern Kentucky. Thank you in advance for your support!

What can I win?

The prizes for our Thanksgiving Weekend hunt include gift cards, merchandise and art created by local artists.

Winners are chosen by raffle from the players who submit the correct solutions by the deadline. The raffle will be held during the week following the hunt, with winners notified via email and posted on this webpage.

What are the safety precautions being taken?

To make it easy to stay safe and healthy during the hunt, we are taking the following precautions:​

  • All clue locations and photo ops can be accessed without going indoors.

  • Each puzzle will not take a long time to solve, so if there are too many people at a certain location, you should be able to wait until those folks have moved on.

  • We are grateful to all participants for following current recommended safety guidelines about masks, groups sizes and social distancing.


If you'd like to donate to help support our public art initiatives in NKY, please click the Donate button below. It's tax deductible and very appreciated!!!


Photos from past hunts

People of all ages enjoy our hunts. Here are some photos posted under the Instagram hash tag #NKYFindersKeepers from past hunts.