Congratulations! You solved the MainStrasse Village Bonus Puzzle!

We got to go inside the Glockenspiel tower (so cool). Please scroll down to see some of the photos we took!

In the Pied Piper of Hamelin story, the town of Hamelin is overrun with mice. The town hires a piper to use his music to lure the rats out of town and into the river, where they will drown. After doing this, the piper returns to Hamelin for his money. The town, now cleared of rats, refuses to pay him. In retaliation, the piper plays his music to lure the children out of town, where he keeps them in a cave until his is paid.

The Chimes are actually bells that are played with a piano-style keyboard, which is connected to the rods that swings the bells. The Pied Piper story is usually dormant throughout the winter and then plays several times a day during the spring and summer. The characters enter and exit from the little door in the tower, running along a track for their part of the story.